Visit from Josh Becker G/M ABC.

Josh Becker from the ABC, visited our student group on the 2nd of May. It was great to see the continued interest from the ABC. All members engaged in conversation with Josh and some engaged in short informal interviews with him. Josh was very accommodating and easy to talk to and showed genuine interest in how things are progressing. Next on the agenda for the group is a Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle in Wodonga this Saturday 18th May 9am to 4pm, a float the boat session and camp at Tallangatta in two weeks. Members of the group and St Lukes have also received great support from local Rotary clubs of late. Rural mental health matters are high on Rotary’s list of priorities and the response from local members & clubs has been very positive. The count down for the Murray adventure at end of November is on and the R2R group will need to support each other in this unique endeavour, watch fitness levels and manage possible excitement and anxiety. However with the continued support of groups such as Rotary and The Border rescue organisation the task is getting easier!


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