Thank you M/G ABC for your ongoing support

Members of the R2R group have continued to engage the general public and community groups spreading a message of awareness about issues of mental health. Shane and Seb from the group have been brave enough to share thoughts via a ABC website and others in the group have conducted interviews with media outlets and public gatherings. If you get a chance, would you may wish to comment on the ABC Open blogs written by Sebastian and Shane. The feedback is appreciated.

Sebastian’s is here:

Shane’s is here:



The first test !

Don is good! Great to see Mark, Molly and the crew test the first boat last Friday 13th . The craft passed with flying colours in a shallow water test at Kookaburra point, Lake hume. More reports on the test to come.Don and I from TAFE were so pleased to see the results of so much hard work.
8.10.13 Further testing to come with the forward facing rowing devises completed at Wodonga TAFE by Chris Cheater and the Engineering department. BW.