First River practice Albury with the VRA, St Lukes and TAFE.

IMG_4173  IMG_4147IMG_4140All rowers performed very well and the craft all moved through the water in a very stable manner coping with the current with ease. We are all getting close to the start of the trek down the river. TAFE training is coming to a close so it is with some sadness that the students are leaving but also the excitement is building with the expectations of the launch Friday next week, 22nd of November. I hope locals support this unique talented group of people the last two years worth of Thursdays have been an absolute pleasure to be involved in. From little things big things grow on so many levels!





One thought on “First River practice Albury with the VRA, St Lukes and TAFE.

  1. We are nearing the end of the River 2 Recovery journey and what an amazing journey it has been! It has been terrific working so closely with Wodonga TAFE – especially Bryan and Anne Marie. I have enjoyed every moment of supporting an incredible group of people who are inspirational and a pleasure to be around. I will miss seeing your faces in class each week but complete the past 2 years knowing first hand the personal growth, achievements and connections that have been made by each and every R2R participant. I wish you all every success for the future and I hope you reflect on your experience in the R2R project with pride, knowing that you can succeed in anything you put your heart and efforts into. Go team! and enjoy your well deserved adventure down the river!

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