Over half way !

The R2R project launch was held on the 22nd of November.  http://au.prime7.yahoo.com/v1/news/a/-/local/19973872/river-to-recovery-launch-video/

A great success with a large crowd lining the bank and cheering the group on as they left for the journey down the river. The depth of community support was great to see from fellow travellers on the road to recovery to members of parliament. Tim Fisher was his usual entertaining self and MC at the launch event. The students achieved one of their many aims by attracting media and gathering members of the local community together to raise the profile of issues associated with rural mental health. It is a huge step to take to put ones self ‘on display’ and send a positive awareness message to our community. Seb and Colin gave wonderful speeches and proved to be more than worthy representatives for the student/ R2R group.

Wodonga TAFE via Bryan and Anne Maree visited the rowers on their trip at 12mile reserve and Corowa. The strength of the team was very visible as was the determination of individual team members. We are all looking forward to the final celebrations on the 2nd of December at the end of their journey.

The Murray River starts as a trickle and apparently it is hard to spot its source. However the rowers have found the Murray to be long and wide and together they are navigating with ease and progress is fast and effective. Along the river, anabranchs, billabongs and streams offer many choices. Making the wrong choice is somewhat problematic but not insurmountable. Modern technology is providing improvements all the time via instruments like portable GPS devises. Even better technology is becoming common place and we are all learning new techniques and better ways of doing things to make travel that little bit easier. The River 2 Recovery is proving to be a very apt name indeed. This group of people are improving choices for themselves and others and via this project others will learn new ways of doing things and the hurdles found via community ignorance will not be as high. The recovery process is hard but with greater understanding and equity it can ‘flow more gently’.

Corowa IMG_0457 IMG_0456IMG_4201



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