Trivia night

Student feedback on Mental Health Month R2R Trivia night

The R2R trivia event gave our group the opportunity to explore and put into practice some of the skills learnt in class. Also to expose us to the process of organising a public event to raise money as we need to be able to apply this knowledge gained from the trivia night to future fund raising events. To enable us to raise enough money to complete our R2R trip and raise awareness of mental health issues in the community and to prove that people with mental health problems can be a productive member of society.

One of the major issues with the trivia night I felt was the brief time we had to organise the event and the unfortunate timing of holiday period, during this process. Although the group pulled together well to get the job done, there were some members that we over worked and others that weren’t. But this can be worked out in future events, so people don’t get burned/burnt out. Despite the time pressure things started to fall into place rapidly following the holiday break i.e. sponsor’s donations, prizes. Additionally I was involved in organising Bunning’s sausage sizzle fund raising event e.g. attending info night, letter to manager and reporting to group during the same time frame. After the organisational side of things it was a stressful but very pleasing to see so many people attend the night and also appear to enjoy themselves!!! I was particularly impressed with Michelle’s MC role and the good work of Will and Paul as the judges. As well as the ushers and form collectors. Also I was impressed that most of the group actually turned up and participated. (Including myself, as I was extremely stressed/anxious about being around so many people.)

In conclusion I feel that despite some stumbling blocks we were able to put together a good night which most people enjoyed tremendously. Also it has given us the opportunity to identify some area’s that we need to work on and improve for future events both communication/organisational issues.

The R2R Group trivia night involved a lot of hard work in the lead up to the evening. We all had to work as a team to make everything come together.

On the night the setup of the room and the boat we built that was on display looked great.

Mark did a good speech and knew what he was talking about without having to read it. We all worked well together and our guests gave positive feedback.

I felt a little bit agitated and angry because of the anxiety but I talked it through with my worker and felt more settled afterwards.

A good evening

Looking back on our successful trivia night during the planning process I found it hard to get into it even felt indifferent about the event I even felt I didn’t want to be there.

The whole thing was new to me. I didn’t understand it; the whole thing was a new experience for me.

I was surprised about how many people were coming in, the number s were daunting. Once I took on “My Job” of scoring I felt more relaxed as I was too busy doing what needed to be done. I was busy but also looking forward to the end of the night.

I know the night was a big success everyone seemed happy and the prize winners. We worked together well and I’m looking forward to camping trips and going down the river.

In reviewing the R2R Trivia night I have found it was an experience that was very rewarding and it was great to see that our hard efforts paid off.

When looking around the room at all the guests that turned up it was amazing to see so many people come to support our efforts. I felt confidant and comfortable co-hosting the trivia night and those who know me well were extremely proud of what I achieved.

All up, it went better than expected and it was and it was an experience I would get involve in again.

The Trivia night preparations were hard as we didn’t know how it would go –

It was great to prove to people we could do it.

People think something is wrong with you so you can’t do anything.

I would like to organise another event outdoors and or during the day.


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